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your best capital as a service partner



Your Best Capital As A Service Partner

8~12% Annual
Get access to the most premium asset in cross-border e-commerce industry, with more than 10% annual yield
  • Early Repayment
  • Borrow and Repay Anytime
  • Fast Approval
Be the mezzanine/junior investor to enjoy the leverage from top senior commercial bank lenders
  • Morfin Carbon
  • Morfin Nitrogen
  • Morfin Oxygen
  • And more BVI funds to come…
Enrich financial institutions to the billion-dollar marketplaces of cross-border financing
The industry has grown ten times within five years, and the financial demand has exceeded billions of USD. To explore the potential of cross-border financing marketplaces, customize your cross-border products with Morfin Cloud now.
Morfin | SaaS
Don't know where to start? Finance Cloud SaaS provides one-stop integrated services.
We provide comprehensive empowerment for you, including credit product design, application process, credit models and risk control technology.
Morfin | API
For developers
Financial Cloud API provides banks with leading technological capabilities such as traffic API, data API, and dual-lock API with flexible plug-ins, which are seamlessly integrated into your product processes and help extend your products to even more.

Why Choose Morfin

your best capital as a service partner

  • T+0 fund

    Full online application, T+0 fund disbursement, without any collateral.
  • Best Terms

    Best terms and lowest fee in the market.
  • Credit Enhancement

    Support cross-platform,
    multi-store credit enhancement.
  • Innovative Capital

    Innovative capital products designed to meet the needs of all sellers.

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